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El Toro Area All Businesses

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  • Saber   41315 Gallop Lane, Murrieta, CA   (details…)

    Overview: Welcome to <B><FONT COLOR="#DD0000">SABER</FONT></B>. For over 25 years we've been offering concrete and foundation leveling services utilizing concrete grinding, concrete raising, and foundation piering technologies. You can view our full range of services on our web site. <CENTER><FONT COLOR="#DD0000" SIZE="3"> <B>CALL RIGHT NOW TO TALK TO A REPRESENTATIVE ABOUT YOUR PROJECT.</B></FONT></CENTER>
    Services Offered: Concrete, Foundations

  • Jeffrey M. Cook Construction   420 N Mckinley Street, Ste. 111-394, Corona, CA   (details…)

    Overview: Cook Construction Services is a full service company that offers New Construction to Remodels and Additions.
    Services Offered: Disaster Recovery Services

  • Mr. Build Home Improvement Company   8391 Beverly Boulevard, Suite 340, Los Angeles, CA   (details…)

    Overview: Mr. Build Construction Company is a client-focused company that strives to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. We can provide ideas and recommendations as well as information so that you can make informed decisions about your construction project. We can help you build your dreams. Let us know what you want and need, and we will make it happen for you! We work in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, and we look forward to working with you!
    Services Offered: Additions & Remodeling

  • Wisdom Construction Services   11600 Warner Ave., #536, Fountain Valley, CA   (details…)

    Overview: Wisdom Construction is a client-focused company that strives to insure the highest level of customer satisfaction!
    Services Offered: 0, Plumbing

  • Benham Electric Service   13322 Amarillo Drive, Westminster, CA   (details…)

    Overview: Our first priority is to ensure customer satisfaction while completing the job on time and under budget.
    Services Offered: Designers & Decorators, Electrical, Fans

  • Unique   25466 Adriana Street, Mission Viejo, CA   (details…)

    Overview: Founded in 1979, this local company is owned and operated in Orange County by Teresa Zand. Unique Cleaning featuring weekly, montly, bi-monthly, or one time services. It's a known fact that more people rely on Unique Cleaning for its dependability and low cost, becasue we are not a franchise company with a lot of overhead expenses. That is why we have customers for more than Ten Years with us. Unique Cleaning is accepting new clients, service ability is based upon to current client schedule load. We prioritize and schedule service to our existing customers and those they refer. Your satifaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with you cleaning job, simply email or call by the following day, we will send out maid to take care of the concern. We offer on-line comunication with all our customers. Discover our affordable, dependable, and easy to schedule cleaning service and be a continuous customer.
    Services Offered: Cleaning & Maid Services

  • Van Capelle Constructon   1315 North Tustin Street, I-425, Orange, CA   (details…)

    Overview: Van Capelle Construction has been in business for nearly 20 years. We are a custom design and build company. We build room additions as well as custom homes and strive to provide the customer the highest caliber of workmanship in the area. We service all of Orange County. We furnish a full detailed estimate with each and every quote. We will provide you with a referral list of all our customers (past & present).
    Services Offered: Additions & Remodeling, Designers & Decorators

  • South County Roofing   23511 White Dove Drive, Lake Forest, CA   (details…)

    Overview: With thousands of new roof installs and roof repairs under our belt we have the experience to assist you in selecting a roof or roof repair that meets your needs. We will help you navigate through the numerous roofing types available roof options for style, durability, color, texture, and cost in order to find the roof that complements your home or commercial building and budget. Roofing Services we provide Here at South County Roofing we already know what we do best and we stick to it, and that is roofing. We will never offer you services just because we can. Such as doors, windows, flooring, gutters, remodels of any sort. We do not try to be all things to everyone and therefore we have only focused our attention on roofing. The following is some of the roofing services we do provide. Note: Not every roofing service we provide will be listed below. If you need a roofing service not listed don t hesitate to call Brian at 949-597-0192 to find out how we can help. Also take a look at our Services page for even more information. Roof Repair Roofing repair is one of the most specialized services offered in roofing today. Because most roofs have already been reroofed or replaced roofing contractors are starting realizing what I have none since I got into this business in 1987. They have to learn to service old roofs. Rather than risk having someone who will most likely be learning on the job while you pay them you might as well just call us. The roof repair division of South County Roofing is run directly by the Owner, Brian Atkins. I am a second generation roofer and roofing contractor. I have personally installed well over 500 complete new roofs as my time as a journeyman and crew leader from 1988-1997. While working for my father s company I was required to complete one new roof a week and supervise at least one other crews production as well. I also was in charge of scheduling and personally repairing and replacing all warranted work done by the company. I originally opened South County Roofing in 1992 as a repair only business as it is something I enjoyed Roof Inspection This is a service we offer and is also done and scheduled by the Brian Atkins. I know a lot of roofing company s say they offer a roof inspection service. Some of them on the internet look very professional. They basically look like something EZ Lube would offer and we know what that s worth. Hire another roofing company for this service and they will send out anyone they think can sell you something and provide a 20 point inspection that will help them scare some money out of your pocket. Let s face it. It s not how many points your inspection has but who is doing it. If the person who s doing it needs to sell you something extra for a commission how reliable can this inspection be. The whole point of most of these inspections is to sell you something you don t need. If you want an honest evaluation of your roof have me out, I ll charge you less than my competition, and you will get an inspection service that will far exceed any inspection service thing that any roofer is offering at any price. If you roof is in good shape and you don t need anything you will not here differently from me. Hire me and you ll never hire another roofer. Solar Fans | Dormers | Roof Ventilation These are very important to your roof, home, and the environment. Your roof needs them to lessen the effect of heat transfer into your attic. They will help the hot air find a way out of your attic and away from your living space. These ventilation devises need to be strategically placed on your roof. Not just placed or spread apart for what looks to be correct. You need a professional that is well versed in attic ventilation technology to make too sure your ventilation dollars are working as hard as possible. We also install and repair skylights, do roof certifications, new roof installs of all type just call and ask us.
    Services Offered: Roofing

  • M. H. Design & Construction   5753-g East Santa Ana Canyon Road, Suite 125, Anaheim, CA   (details…)

    Overview: MH. Design & Construction has proudly been in business since 1982. We pride ourselves on being very professional, hardworking, and customer oriented. I graduated with a degree in Architectural Desig .WE ARE CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL.ALSO WE ARE DEALER FOR SOLAR AND INSTALL WATER HEATER AND POOL.AND PV SYSTEM.
    Services Offered: Additions & Remodeling, Architects & Engineers, Designers & Decorators, Disability Services, Disaster Recovery Services, Garage & Garage Doors, New Home Builders

  • Shoreline Garage Door Service   26586 Camino De Vista, Suite G, San Jaun Capistraio, CA   (details…)

    Overview: Shoreline Garage Door Service offers a full selection of custom wood, contemporary and traditional steel garage doors. Having a new door installed can add curb appeal to your home. Your garage door is a big part of what people see when they drive up to your house. At Shoreline we will work with you to find the perfect door to match your personal style. While not compromising energy efficiency (your garage door is the largest opening in your home). We also offer a full line of entry doors that can match your garage door. We can also install new French doors and interior doors. We offer fast, friendly, reliable service to handle all of your door needs. At Shoreline we know how important it is for the safety and security of your family to have doors that are secure and work properly. So for expert design and dependability let the experts at Shoreline meet with you for a free in home consultation to help you with the questions you have for your new doors.
    Services Offered: Garage & Garage Doors

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